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Thread in 'Parts for sale' started by Gregor, Sep 13, 2020.

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    Hi ill be selling SR20 parts the parts will be ready for sale next week
    complete s15 spec s bottom end (it is apart) block, crank, pistons rods - great condition, complete oil sump upper, lower, pickup, windage tray, oil pump i also do have DET rods that can go with it, clutch and flywheel, timing chain and guides if interested too for extra. - 400£
    s14 sr20 head with cams, has been machined, lifters valves rocker arms all there, missing a vtc sprocket, can add a nice blue rocker cover with it for extra and i also have an oem headgasket if interested - 250£
    s15 5 speed manual driveshaft in great condition - 80£
    sr20de cams - good oem upgrade for DET out of a spec s, great condition, only have the exhaust camgear - 100£
    sr20 ac compressor 20£
    spec s ecu 20£
    Also do have the sr20de exhaust mani, downpipe, distributor, maf sensor

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