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    Went with a standalone ECU and fly loom with a map sensor for my car, so I have surplus bits laying about.

    Z32 maf with plug and some wire, slight damage to mesh on one side but works fine - 110 posted

    S13 to s14a sr20 conversion loom. Bought this to use but went with a new fly loom. Was told this is working when purchased, cant see why it wouldnt work, looks in good condition - 110 posted

    What I believe to be a standard UK s14 loom. Looks in good shape. But again I bought to maybe splice up, but never did - 90 posted

    Early import s14 ECU 69f01 with nistune type 3 board. Mapped for .5 over size pistons, t28r, z32 maf and s15 injectors. Made 274hp at 18psi. I'd recommend getting it mapped to suit your engine though as something clearly wasnt right - 190 posted

    H-dev stage 1a chip for s14 ecu. Made 295hp at 17psi when I used it last - 80 posted

    Stock fuel rail with stock injectors. Worked fine when I used them. Good for a spare perhaps - 40 posted

    Stock sr20 maf. Again, worked fine before I went to z32. Good for a spare - 25 posted

    Everything is priced including postage, most probably recorded delivery with royal mail. Or collection from Rayleigh, Essex for a reduced rate.

    Cheers Andy
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