For Sale SR20DET 5 speed manual gearbox £300 Surrey

Thread in 'Parts for sale' started by matt|H, Sep 15, 2020.

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    Godalming, Surrey
    SR20DET 5sp gearbox for sale £300
    Collection from Godalming, Surrey.
    Unknown mileage as it was bought with an unfinished project car with no history.
    However, I know it was sourced around 2011 and been sat in the car going nowhere since, so expected low mileage.
    Has been ran through the gears in the air and a quick blast up and down the road, no crunches, noises etc.
    Clutch fork included but no release bearing. Please note this area still has lithium grease in the photos.
    Gearstick included. gb1. gb2. gb3. gb4. gb5.

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