Sr20det dies while driving

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    Aug 18, 2020
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    Hey. My Sr20det s14 dies while driving. All started when I replaced injectors.
    Replaced injectors, got the car running, but idle was bad. Then replaced TPS and intake gaskets and idle got better.
    Then went to drive it and the car died while driving at low speed.
    Installed a new FPR with gauge, fuelpressure is good. Still the same..
    I noticed that my manifold was glowing red at idle, but the idle was smooth. The AFR shows that the car is running rich and timing at idle is 15°, which i belive is normal. The car has a standalone and uses AFR’s to adjust fuel so im suspecting that the o2 is bad. Have ordered a new sensor but is there anything else i should check in the meantime?

    All coils and sparkplugs work, and the vacuum show -3 at idle.
    Sorry for long post :/

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