Stagea rb25/30det

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    Well thought id finally do this..

    My names craig this is my build so far..

    i got a nissan stagea rsfour s1.
    got it as a daily but not long after getting it, it showed how much it had been dodged together by previous owners.
    the wiring was a total fire hazard, had stop smoke in it.stock injectors running 12psi with no tune,dose pipe with maf located in intercooler piping etc.

    so as you can imagine i blew the rb25det up fairly quick.after pulling the motor out i realized quickly i broke the ringlands on 2 pistons.

    and i got hold of a rb30e s2 motor for $300 with 80000kms on it. yes thats correct. i got it from a old fella who crashed his 1 owner r31 skyline.

    after giving it a quick refresh(new bearing seals etc.) i did the mods to fit the rb25head and all that jazz
    spoolimports awd adapter plate

    and of course i was not leaving the car auto so i sourced all the parts to convert it to manual

    which is where im at now.
    all i need to do is piggy back ecu,injectors,intercooler piping and she will be on the road after 2long years

    heres a quick vid of it currently

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