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Thread in 'Technical Questions' started by cookiemonster, Aug 10, 2009.

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    Hey guys, just woundered if anyone could help me?? I have JIC magic coilovers and tein steering arms and ends with the spacers in the rack. Last time I was at pod on full lock I noticed a nocking noise coming from the O/S/F. I have just jacked it up and had a look and the coilover had alot of play in it were the damper slides inside the tube :cry: (im guessing this is caused by the wheel going over centre), so I need some new coilovers. The clamps around the rack were lose as well I have done them up now but on full lock i get a crack from the O/S/F coilover and can see it flexing were the play is all I really wanted to no was if I did fit new coilovers surley this is just going to happen again, the stress on the coilover because of the steering going over centre anyone had this problem ?? thanks in advance.

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