Stock 323 manual loon 11 months ticket

Thread in 'Drift cars for sale' started by Lukeypoo, Dec 1, 2015.

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    Dec 9, 2012
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    Soo brought this to take the engine out for my birds skidder..
    I've not really got the room to break it and it seems a waste of mot

    It's as title a 323 with the shit 2.5 engine
    (can be made as good as the good 2.5 with a few basic mods)

    It's got a noisy rear passenger wheel bearing.. Its still alright to drive if you don't want to listen to the stereo or anything else..ever

    Rust wise it's clean, paint wise.. Not so much, well I say that the paint is okay will not bubbling but the lacquer is peeling on most panels

    There no trick bits on this at all, but she would make a good base car.
    On around 110000 or just under? To lazy to check

    Can get more pictures on request

    Looking for 1000 ono

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