Stretched tire bulge?

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    Hi everyone, this is my first thread so I hope I’m in the right place! My car isn’t a drift car but I was hoping someone here would have the answer to my question.
    So really my question is for anyone who has experienced their stretched tires bulging. I have Toyo proxies 4 plus 235 35 r19 on 9.5” wheels, so my stretch is pretty small at best. I had them on a previous set of wheels for a little over a year and driven on them for less than 6k miles. There really wasn’t anything noticeably wrong with them so I swapped them onto my weds kranze glossas. The new wheel spec is literally the same, but after the install there’s a noticeable wheel vibration and thumping noise. There’s nothing visibly wrong with my suspension or cv boots, and I just had a fresh balance and alignment. But I did notice a wave in the inner tire sidewall on the front tires. It could have had a slight bulge prior to swapping the tires, but honestly I should have just bought 2 new front tires (which are already on the way). Anyways, has anyone experienced a wave in the tire sidewall with stretched tires, and does anyone think it could be bulging? When I air out my fender sits tightly on the tire, so idk if that adding extra pressure on the tire. And also my rear wheels get replaced about ever 5-7k miles due to negative camber and I don’t see the wave in the inner sidewall.
    Anyways if anyone has experienced this with stretched tires, and if anyone thinks that it’s a bulge in the side wall please let me know! I’ll post pictures at some point.
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    Potholes and elasticbands for tyres I would say

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