suitable engine oil according to internal bearings tolerance

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    hi guys,after a long time I'm almost ready to start my engine, it has been resting in my bedroom for far too long, I would like to have a comparison, with someone who has had the opportunity to try different engine oils, different grades,the tolerances that were found during the reconstruction were from 7 to 7.5 cents (central bearing with shoulders) for the crankshaft, and 6.5 cents for the connecting rods,on based on, what do you think would be the ideal oil to use so that the pressure and the passage in the ducts is optimal, fast, and reliable? running-in included

    10w 50
    10w 60
    15w 50
    20w 50

    the car after will be used for the city and to do Drift

    It would also be nice to know your bearing tolerance, and your oil

    below I leave you a photo of the engine and its specifications, (yes I know, the pulley of the water pump is mounted upside down, lol,but the picture was too good for me :D)

    Engine Ca18det forged for Garrett GTX2860R II GEN ar60

    ° Specs; (excluding all other modifications, and those still missing)

    - Carrillo pistons forged 84mm (ex 83mm)
    - Eagle connected rods forged 83,5mm + ARP
    - stage 3 head porting,inlet + exhaust
    - stock valves and springs
    - 2x cams exhaust head 248° - 8.5mm
    (ex for INLET)
    - Athena head gasket trimetallic 85x1.3mm
    Compression ratio 8.75 (ex 8.5)
    - Main bearing king racing trimetallic XP
    - Bearing connected rods king racing trimetallic XP
    - Bolts main bearing ARP
    - Bolt head stud ARP
    - flywheel 9kg
    - competition clutch stage 4 - x6 pads
    - x4 Sparks plugs iridium
    - oil pan modifiched
    - OEM genuine Nissan wather pump
    - OEM genuine Nissan oil pump
    - valve seat grinding
    - valve grinding
    - head grinding
    - engine block rectification
    - engine block bore
    - lightening of the flywheel 3kg
    - balancing crankshaft - clutch - pulley
    - crankshaft polishing
    Ecc ecc




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