Wanted SWAPS...... My BBS wheels for what have you got? 4x100 or Mini Wheels!

Thread in 'Parts for sale' started by uncle silvia, Dec 22, 2010.

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    Ive recently bought some 14" BBS single piece wheels like these..............


    ............i was going to put them on my Micra but have now had other ideas and the wheels style may not be right for me now!?

    There in "OK" condition but could do with a lick of paint really but are decent! They are complete with all centre caps.
    Tyres maybe included if you have some on your rims or we can come to a deal.

    Basicly I'm looking for a set of 14" wheels in 4x100 PCD that may suit the car better. As long as their straight and complete thats fine as I want to paint them anyway.

    Something a bit more Jap or motorsport looking may be better for me! Rota or simular or anything that may interest me etc etc

    I will also consider 13" dished Mini wheels in 4x98 PCD fitment If anyone has any! Again any condition as long as their not battered.

    SWAPS and cash either way if nessessary but not to much!

    Let me know what you have ;D

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