To respray or to not respray

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    I own a silver na mx5, love the car, its an absolute dream to drive. Love everything about it, except the colour, its just, meh, like most silver cars. I have been thinking about doing it for a while now. Im in a unique position, im an apprentice painter in a bodyshop and my boss lets me paint whatever, ive done both front wings and a rear quarter and all hes asked is for me to paint some lambretta bits for his scooter. So cost isnt an issue, he will probably just get me to cover some materials.
    Its a big change so i cant decide, Id do it in stages, say a panel every weekend or so (can only do saturdays) and I can prep it at home.
    Looking for colour opinions, i plan on doing everything except the engine bay, I keep going to the original blue buts its just a bit boring. Got some 14 inch watanabes waiting to go on with a chrome lip and gunmetal centre i painted. Car is lower now than the pic, Instagram is dgy97 if your interested :/ pics of wheels on their, over the moon with how they came out :D

    Apparently ive posted this twice, apologies
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