Toyota Aristo 64k Miles *Mint*

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    *A car I’ve been after has come up again for sale aristo for sale unless car sells* - Want a Mk3 manual supra

    Hi all

    I’m sort of ‘testing the water’ as they say on my gen2 aristo.
    Another car I’ve been after for many years has become available and my car will be for sale up until either the car is no longer available or obviously mine sells.

    It’s an absolute minter of a gen2.

    Details + Spec:

    64k Miles
    Black heated leather
    Deep Blue colour (looks black) until sun hits it and there is blue/purple metal flake.
    JDM Nav with an exspensive Bluetooth unit installed for streaming
    19inch Algernon Intelesse multi piece rims (super rare in this fitment) with brand new federal st1 tyres) *will be left on the vehicle if asking price is given they are worth £1200-£1500 alone.
    (I also have mint condition oem aristo wheels with brand new tyres which will be put on if asking price isn’t achieved)
    Aimgain vented metal front fenders
    HKS coilovers
    LED taillights
    LED mirrors
    HKS super hybrid filter
    Brand new 7eix plugs
    Brand new whifbitz coilpacks And connectors
    Brand new timing belt
    Custom front door builds
    OEM Toyota tinted rain/wind window guards
    Mini 8inch alpine subwoofer
    Fully under sealed on import
    Had Full service last year

    (I also do have blitz nur spec exhaust on the way from Japan which , if interested, could be negotiated into a deal)

    It’s standard as far as engine is concerned apart from the filter ... it’s super smooth and I’ve only done about 900miles in past year , it’s always garaged and never goes out in the wet.

    It’s hasnt been messed around with and anywork undertaken has been from a reputable garage and I always get everything ‘health’ checked when having anywork done.

    It pulls like a train through all gears and is not a cheap ebay import , is runs perfectly in every way and is looked after regardless of cost.

    Like say is for sale up until it’s either obviously sold or Car I’m after is no longer available.

    It also has some Original Japanese paperwork with it from import.


    Yes you can find cheaper aristos from
    Import , but a lot have been messed around with , interior is worn / cheap parts / poor condition wheels / underneath etc..... this is all high end items , interior is near mint , seats are in great condition , everything works faultlessly... considering wheels are easily worth £1200+

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    Hi mate,

    I might be interested in the wheels if you end up selling the car without them!

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    No worries bud

    Had a fair bit of interest, but money talks lol car I want I think may be sold now in Japan -going to find out for definite then the car will no longer be available.

    I might sell them , depends on your offer bud ... they have brand new federal st1 tyres and I paid a fair amount to be honest for them
    Due to their rarity and perfect fitment for the aristo ( and been after them for quiet a while) - what sort of money where your thinking?

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    If you decide to sell up, id seriously be interested in the Blitz exhaust. Been looking for one for a while.

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