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    Hello Everyone,

    Wanted to post a thread of my Chaser that i have owned for the last 8 months.

    I was in Australia and had a chaser over there and decided it would be cheaper for me to sell and buy one back home in Ireland, So i got mate of mine to arrange to buy this for me.

    Since coming home in December i have enjoyed driving it and maintaining it.

    Lots of maintenance has been carried out over the last 10k klm Timing belt, Water pump, Oils etc etc and most recently Crank shaft pulley from Toyota not so cheap €350, I thought the tensiorer was going as i had aux belt slip but it turned out to be the Crank pulley. So while getting that done it was time for another service.

    I am the third owner in Ireland and it was imported in 2016.

    First few Pictures will be from when the first Owner had.

    I will do the next Post from when the next owner had it and then finaly ill do a post of the work i have done.

    In the Docks 2016

    in the port jzx100.
    interior orgi.

    The Pictures below are when the first owner had it.

    2016 Jzx100.

    2016 jzx100...
    black bride. engine bay 2017.

    rolling shot.

    Hope you enjoy these

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