For Sale Toyota Chaser JZX100 Tourer V Factory Manual R154

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm putting my Chaser up for sale. I have owned the car since August 2018 after importing it from Japan through JapwestMods :rolleyes:. I've only done approx 3k KM in the car since owning it, it genuinely doesn't get used.

    1998 Toyota Chaser JZX100 Tourer V
    Stock 1JZ 133k KM
    MOT Nov 2020
    Full Vertex Aero Bodykit
    Standard interior (I will be taking the Vertex seats and wheel out before sale)
    D-Max D1 Spec Coilovers
    Full stainless exhaust (not sure of make)
    2 way Tomei diff
    JDM wind deflectors
    Imported (landed in the UK) August 2018
    Timing belt done right after import around 130KM - Receipt present for this along with service carried out at the same time.
    Black metallic paint - Used to be white and inside the engine bay is still white. Other than that it's a very nice paint job.
    Factory 5 speed manual
    SSR Leon Hardritt wheels 18 x 8.5 & 9
    Sunroof Model
    Front mount intercooler

    The clutch has started slipping, if I were to keep the car I would put a standard OEM clutch back in. I haven't done this yet and the price reflects this. Only reason for not doing so is that with a car like this you are probably going to want to run more power needing an upgraded clutch and an OEM clutch would be useless for that anyway. This doesn't stop you from driving it at all but obviously it's something that will need to be done.

    Full Aero Bodykit although in one piece, there are fibreglass cracks because the car is so low the aero has seen it's fair share of tarmac. It's never bothered me because if I had them repainted you'd have to raise the car to stop them from being damaged again and well.. No one wants to be told to raise their car.

    This is a genuinely clean example and viewing is recommended. When I took it for MOT the tester said it's one of the cleanest cars they've had up on their ramp. It's not really possible to get a jack under the car without taking the bodykit off but I have videos from under the car if interested. And well hey, if you're gonna buy it where there's a will there's a way to get it up in the air.

    I've wanted to keep the car as clean looking as possible but it's a nice blank canvas for someone.

    Private plate is not included in sale. If by some wild chance your initials are LD or you want a J2X reg then it can be included for an extra £300.00 which is just what I paid for it.

    Reason for sale is that I have a project in mind that I want to buy and this takes up a lot of space (pun intended).

    Viewing will be available from Monday 3rd Feb when the car comes out of storage. Located Swansea, South Wales.

    £12,000 o.n.o. For the spec and the way these cars are climbing I think that's a reasonable price.

    Any questions please feel free to pop me a message.
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    Can vouch for this car its awesome :)

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    Can’t see the pictures
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    Can you fix the pictures?

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