Toyota Corolla AE86 Turbo

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    The time has come to sell my car, it sits my garage most of the time gathering dust and gets used once in a blue moon. Its wasted sat here.






    This is a 1987 Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 Turbo.

    The car has been fully rebuilt from a bare shell to what you see today.

    The original car was a 1983 version re shelled into the current shell.

    Build thread can be found here >

    The shell is fully seam welded and gussets added to the inner wings.

    All rust was removed and replaced with new metal.

    All component parts were sand blasted and either power coated or painted with hammerite.

    A multipoint fully welded cage was built and fitted by Fabricage.

    The basics are as follows;

    4gze engine was purchased from a reliable source, this was then checked before being fitted.

    HKS 264 cams with adjustable pulleys.

    It has fitted a turbo believed to be from a Saab. This has been rebuilt be Universal Turbos so is brand new. The engine creates 210 BHP and plenty of ft/lb torque, it has been set up to run safe rather than taking any risks by Greg at Pro tuner.

    24 row oil cooler and oil filter relocation kit.

    The engine management is taken care of by a brand new Emerald unit. This was wired along with a brand new coil pack, 3 bar map sensor and bespoke spark plug leads fitted.

    Engine hoses are all Samco.

    The gearbox is a W58 found in a Mk 3 Toyota Supra.

    The gear level is a short shift version purchased from New Zealand.

    The engine and box is mated via bellhousing purchased from Malaysia.

    The clutch is a bespoke Helix organic plate made for the Fidanza Lightweight flywheel which is fitted (212mm).

    The prop is a bespoke item made by Dave Mac Propshafts and is more than capable of the job in hand.

    It comes with a stock LSD fitted with Techno Tuning plates, thicker than standard meaning a tighter/quicker lock up under load. This is on a 4.3 CWP.

    Included within the sale is a brand new Weir Performance spool diff which is in a separate diff housing, It currently has a 4.7 CWP how ever this is damaged and requires replacing if it were to be used. The bearings in the spare diff are brand new, along with a solid pinion spacer.

    The half shafts have longer studs to take different offset wheels.

    There are two spare drive shafts which will go with the car.

    The axle is held in with in situ adjustable rose jointed arms provided by Japspeed, not currently for sale anywhere.

    The panard rod is from Battle version, poly bushed at one end and rose jointed at the other and is adjustable in situ.

    The flexi brake lines have been replaced with braided versions all round. New brake and fuel line were fitted all round.

    A brand new Master cylinder has been fitted. It has a front and rear LED brake lights, the front being fitted with a switch for road use.

    The brake pads are Mintex.

    The car is fitted with a Japspeed hydraulic handbrake, this has been adapted to still use the cable system. MOT friendly.

    The suspension

    The front has been fitted with Driftworks HSD Coilovers and the springs are rated at 8kg

    The TCA's are adjustable and made by my own fair hand, in the stock position they give a 30mm wider track.

    The tie rods are care of driftworks.

    The rear coil overs are AVO developed by Dmac, there are also whiteline traction brackets fitted.

    Every bush that has not been replaced with a rose joint has poly bushes fitted.

    The steering rack is a quick rack and is 2.4 turns lock to lock. The rack also has extensions to give additional lock.
    The rack is held is place by Super Pro bushes.

    The steering wheel is a genuine Nardi

    The wheels used for the road at genuine Hayashi Streets, (these are like trying to rocking horse shit) the rear are 9 x 14, front are 7 x 14, the offset, don’t worry about that, they fit perfectly under arches and have plenty of dish.
    The fronts are fitted with nearly new Avon and rears are fitted with a pair of 195 Hankook’s.

    The car will also come with 8 Supra Celica Alloys, four painted black, four in the original colour. There are new tyres fitted on most.

    The bonnet is a painted Kevlar version, The rear tailgate glass has been replaced with a plastic for performance replacement. The rear quarter windows are also plastic.

    The wheel arches are CYB copies.

    The exhaust is a bespoke item made from 2.5inch stainless exhaust tubing.

    There is a 1.5kg fire eater system fitted behind the seats with one nozzle pointing at the drivers feet and the other on the fuels side of the engine bay. There is also a 1kg hand held fire extinguisher fitted.

    The battery is located to behind the passenger seat within a battery box.

    The car is fitted with a stereo and has speakers behind each seat in the rear quarters.

    There is a cut off switch fitted on the outside of the car at the bottom of the passenger windscreen, plus one within the drivers reach.

    The dash board has been stripped of its original plastic cover and flocked.

    It has the original rev counter, speedo and fuel gauge. I have fitted a capillary oil pressure and water temperature gauge combination. In addition to a boost gauge.

    The seats are both FIA but are out of date, the driver seat has seen better days but still looks smart. This is fitted on a none adjustable bespoke seat rail, I like to be low! The passenger seat if fitted on a Buddy club super low adjustable mounts.

    The seat belts are 3 inch 5 point K-Sport, i have the additional 5th belts but are not fitted to the car.

    I will send a link to anyone that wishes to see an album of the work as it progressed over the years. Once you see these you will realise no expense has been spared and the time and effort put in this car together. Parts and knowledge have been collected from across the globe to ensure it drives like it does.

    It has a Perspex rear window care of Plastics for Performance, the rear quarter windows are plastic.
    The car has strobe lights fitted to the front along with an LED brake light both front and rear.

    I will come with spare lights, a new water pump, a Kouki front bumper, Kouki brand new front indicators plus various other bits i've picked up along the way.

    The cost to build such a high spec car would be immense, i have receipts for most parts.

    I built this car as a drift car, however there is no reason why this couldn't be use in many other disciplines.

    I have driven this car hard but can count the number of times on two hands. There is a dent on the drivers side rear corner, the arches aren't perfect due to tyre delaminating. These issues could all be dealt with very easily.

    I will under no circumstances will i accept any bargaining.

    The car has been a HUGE part of my life for a number of years and lives in my garage under a blanket when not being used (most of the time).

    The car is road legal with 5 months tax and comes with MOT until November.

    There will be other items, details and things i have forgotten to mention, if you wish to know please ask.

    Tyre kickers stay away, unless you bring a large suit case of money don’t even think about being allowed a test drive.

    The car will cost you £9995, i will be open to offers, however if you offer silly money i won’t even bother responding, I have WAY more invested in the car than the price, never mind my time and effort ensuring its built with the right parts.

    I will not break it, sell the wheels, the spare wheels, or anything else separately, it will go to the buyer as a complete package.

    I will not consider a part exchange so please don’t ask.

    You can email me at to discuss details and any offers.

    I don't come on the forum often so if you message me or post it may be a while before i respond.


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    Oh no! Is it April the 1st joke? That's an exceptional car

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