Toyota Cresta JZX81 485bhp 1991 1JZ R154 smoke machine £9995

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    Kinda stole Declan's amazing advert but I can be lazy Thankyou dec
    Bought this as a stop gap while my v8 laurel was being finished but it's so good ill never finish or use it unless I sell this great barge
    More of a emotional choice than a practical one this car has been so reliable its taxed moted and drove to pembery and home last week driven hard for two days and the same at extreme torque show Manchester .. Anyway to the car oh and £9995
    Half the price of last time it was up for sale

    Declan's JZX81 Cresta RHDJapan Works Car | Facebook

    Original Speedunters Feature on the build CAR SPOTLIGHT>> DEC HICKS 2010 JZX81 CRESTA - Speedhunters

    Built 4 years ago by Declan from a mint original 1991 JZX81 Auto, built to compete in top level European Drifting. Its a rare car in Europe & has thousands of followers throughout the world. The car is still in mint condition, all bodywork undamaged, on its original Toyota Pearl White paintwork. It is rust free throughout. It has seen action in the EDC series for the past three years & has been used for a few trackdays & Time Attack test sessions, its a bloody quick track car!! & has embarrassed many a Time Attack car in its time on track. It has been kept garaged since it build, cosseted & kept in immaculate keep throughout. This is one serious smoke machine.

    The original mint paintwork

    Attentional To Detail

    Yanak Goodies

    Minty mint starting point

    Turbo Side

    Bumper reinforcing kept & Intercooler fitted like a glove


    Built from an immaculate 1991 JZX81, with an amazing fully stitched in Nickson Motorsport Rollcage, with Nascar style doorbars that fit the original doorcards like a glove. Rear cage section allows for 4 x 18's to be fitted in the back through the rear doors. Additional floor bracing from A Pillar in front footwells for side impact protection. The cage is a work of art & was posisbly the most expensive cage build in its time. All the interior trims were kept, trimmed & fitted back into the car around the cages stitching, including the headlinings, pillar trims etc. The interior was kept as this car has always been intended to be kept road legal (in the UK anyway) & useable for driving to & from track etc. Though apart from its first outing to Knockhill its always been trailered to & from events. This car has never been on a diet, nothing is cut away & it still retains air con, electric windows, folding mirrors, boot trims etc. Only the original carpet & rear seats have been deleted for fire safety. However is it a full spec competition car & a very capable one too. It has always been reliable & never failed to get results.

    Yanak front adjustable Tie rods
    Yanak front adjustable lower arms
    Yanak rear adjustable camber arms
    BC Racing Coilovers all round immaculate condition
    Modified & reinforced Knuckels for additional lock
    Polybushed off centre rear control arms
    Yanak trunk/bumper mount reinforcing tie bar
    R32 GTR aluminium calipers & discs all round with adaptor kit
    HEL Performance Brake Lines throughout

    Big Win bodykit, front & rear bumpers, front vented overfenders & sideskirts, + original bumpers & all original mounting hardware kept or still fitted
    Original Monkey Magic Bonnet Vent
    Original pearl white paintwork topside & lower 1/4 is painted to match as it was originally two tone.

    Currently sporting its original SJS Design Livery & RHDJapan/Universal Turbo's Livery which can be removed. Though I'd assume most people would keep the SJS Design Livery as its helped make it an iconic car. However when it was first built I ran it on the road for a month in plain white with its original bumpers in sleeper mode & it was hilarious.

    2 Matching in date FIA OMP Seats in great condition on adjustable runners
    Ears Motorsport in date FIA 6 point harnesses in great condition
    OMP Steering wheel & Boss
    Long arm vertical handbrake, floor mounted
    Matching set of Prosport gauges Boost, EGT, Oil Pressure, Water & Oil Temps
    HDI Boost controller, switchable low-high & adjustable
    Plumbed in FIA fire extinguisher in date
    Additional Handheld fire extinguisher under drivers front seat
    FIA cutout switch & properly wired up capacitor
    Auxilliary panel switches, guage lighting, FPR, etc etc
    Battery mounted in rear footwell in a box

    Engine Bay
    Gen 1 1JZ-GTE front sump version
    Excellent compression & oil pressure throughout
    Garret gt3076r single turbo on T3 SS Manifold
    Turbosmart 50mm wastegate & down venting screamer pipe
    Oil Cooler & Braided oil lines throughout mounted above bumper crash area
    Built up with new front & rear main oil seals, new water pump, belts, pulleys etc
    Koyo large capacity brass radiator with in built oil cooler (used for PAS) + switchable aux fans
    Original viscous fan & shroud
    Japspeed original JZX81 3" exhaust system with a bung
    SARD low temp thermostat
    SARD 650cc injectors (original resistance spec) on original fuel rail
    Emanage Blue engine management
    On semi solid delrin engine mounts
    MD80 high capacity in tank fuel pump, with polycarbonate access cover in boot for easy access
    Mapped by Greg at Protuner & has been proven 100% reliable & trouble free (last mapped Jan 2012)
    Awesome stats with 300bhp at 3000rpm! & 485bhp peak at 1.4bar this is one sharp engine with incredibly useable power from 2000-7250 rpm

    R154 Gearbox, fitted with new seals, new ball seat, new slave cylinder, it has been opened up & inspected every year for damage, wear etc & none present. Perfect working order, I have always been gentle with the gearchanges to preserve it & its worked.
    3.9 Drive ratio with a welded diff for reliability - works a treat & never given any trouble
    ORC Twin plate sintered clutch & lightweight flywheel, with little wear
    Rotas front and rear

    Additional sets of JDM split rim wheels available separately.
    Set of 4 Volk 8.5" - 9.5" CV Pro silver

    Car comes with UK Registartion documents mot and road tax

    I am happy to assist with delivery Europe wide or England be better

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    Fuck, that is a serious spec'd 81. If you ever break it I would be interested in a shitload of parts! Best of luck with the sale, very good value
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    I should never have sold it, that is one hell of a well built car!!
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    I feel same way over the green taxi but this is way better built
    Also advert is awesome
    Miss our days drifting dec

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