Toyota Crown UAE Version LHD Restoration

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Already spent 4000 euro for the car that bought for 350 euro. Should I continue?

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  1. JDMEmergencyLeo

    JDMEmergencyLeo New Member

    Sep 1, 2018
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    So it's kinda Weird to see such a car here. I had some cars that you can drift and that is probably the one that you don't expect to do such an entertainment. Anyways since stock the car had 115 HP Carb 2.8 inline 6 5M engine. Yeah the 2.8 engine that has 115hp.
    The Car was bought to replace my gap of JDM cars in the late 2017 when I sold my Stagea. I bought it for 350 euro with the LPG in the back, rusted rear arches and rusted to holes front Fenders (its normal to old toyotas) and lots of other crappy damages.

    This is how it looked few days after I bought it. I was absolutely scared to run old R14 steelies with old as world tires so I bought some Cheap Gislaved's and fitted them to the Linea Sport R15 I had in my store. I wasn't sure what I am going to do with a car so I just drove it as a daily driver for a few months.
    As you can see the front Fenders were absolutely rusted so there was no point in restoring them.

    Time came and the January 2018 hit and the Inspection time has come, I was aware of a lot of damages but I would never realize that inspector would close his eyes on some of them (probably old car pros)
    build3. build4.
    So here you go that's something you need removed - Said inspector. I got what he said and started collecting the parts.
    So here we go:
    Phase 1: Getting parts for Restoration.
    build5. build6.
    Yeah so the first thing I thought - I need to buy were the front fenders. Obvious right?
    build7. build8.
    Right side was rusted, front door had a molding mounted with screws, rear door was just all rusted so I had to replace them with some others.
    Rear Bumper had chrome damages so I have to replace it and I bought one too.
    build10. build11.
    Probably the most important - the rear arches.

    So that was somewhere in the end of the 2018 January. Stay tuned I will return to the thread tomorrow.
  2. JDMEmergencyLeo

    JDMEmergencyLeo New Member

    Sep 1, 2018
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    Ok so the parts are bought and we are pretty much ready to start the resto works.
    During the wait time of arrival of the parts I was trying to realize how to lower my car since the chassis are a frame and I have rear sub-frame that has a diff in it. Anyways I found this ultra cool set of lowering springs that fit exactly my kind of suspension option.
    Thanks Yahoo auctions, you always help me when I am in desperate need.
    So my research was in process and I tried to find anything possible to get the idea of the best ways to make my car look awesome.
    And then, whoa there is this dude:
    I was like omg I want the same except with R17 wheels. But boi that body kit is rad.
    So I went to the Yahoo auctions again and I was waiting every day for something to appear. And guess what? The wait time was worth it. Somewhere in March I bought the full body kit for my VIP build.
    Front bumper
    Rear (Wald) bumper
    AAAAnd Skirts, I was so happy and it was probably the best buy I ever had (also one more best buy was Nissan Micra wide body lol)
    Ok now back to the Metal part of the car.
    During the time I was happy by winning the body kit on yahoo the car was in process of cutting, welding, cutting and welding again.
    The major work was done to everything meaning the Status: 0 Rust could be unlocked in a nearest time. hehehe, finally, lots of money spent and I can officially say that something is happening :)
    The front fenders are installed, the mirrors are freaking dope
    The best thing is that the Lowering springs were also installed but the front of the car was lowered eventually and the rear was still same and that was a complete disaster in handling...
    It looks better now, like a lot better. If the rear would be as good as that, I would be just able to fit the VIP wheels and roll like that all the summer.
    But no, the rear suspension said - No, Leo, no because the rear shock absorbers are too long so they dont want you to have the rear lowered.
    K said I and ordered NEW SR Special shock absorbers with RS-R springs.
    And now we can say that we are going into a game change.
    Yeah they are used, but they are good.
    And then I went to pass an inspection.
    All they said was - you have the Rust on the frame where the win is, fix that and you are good. Ok lol, heaps.
    And then probably my biggest mistake happened, I gave my car to the dudes that are going to prepare and repaint my car for 4+ months (Frustrating as hell)
    But anyways.
    Placed the car to a paint "Shop", and waited, waited. Waited. This picture was made in like Mid May...
    At the same time I bought some wheels which I sold in a month since they had messed up faces
    yeah, Sandblasted chromed faces...
    Then in late May the NEW SR arrived.
    Then early June would be this:
    At that time I was promised the car will be ready by the end of the Month.
    Then the time passed slowly and right now the car looks pretty much the Same (september)
    Now I really hope the car will be ready.
    During the Summer my mate needed money a lot and he offered his Blitz Type 01 for cheap, I knew my car wont be ready this summer (even though I was really hoping for that). So R17 7.5 et45 wheels would be ok, so I bought those FvrObaxgFr4.
    Yeah I know they look messed up but they were just stored for a long time and I have a great friend that restores those. Yeap looking to have the faces gun metal.
    Next thing since my car needs wheels with et5-25 for a best fitment I ordered 25mm front spacers and 40mm rear.

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