For Sale Toyota crown UZS186 V8 majesta

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    The time has come to sell my Toyota crown majesta which I’ve owned for coming up to two years now and I’ve decided to sell it to fund a classic car I can work on in my garage and mess about with easier as the majesta just doesn’t fit in there .

    I’m the first uk owner of the majesta which was imported by gorilla imports on the 1st of February 2021 and came over as a stock car with only an air suspension controller as a modification.

    143K on the clock , mileage and speedometer are still reading in kilometres so roughly 91,000 miles on the clock.

    Full aero body kit (most don’t have this)

    Keyless entry with push button start

    Memory seats

    Electric seats

    Electric steering column

    Electric folding mirrors

    Soft close boot

    Front arm rest with storage

    Rear arm rest with strereo controls

    Heads up display

    Night vision mode

    Cruise control

    Bluetooth (works with my iPhone)

    Full leather interior

    Parking sensors

    Parking pole

    AC & climate control

    HID headlights and fog lights

    Chasing side indicators

    Crown projectors in the doors

    Majesta light up kick plates

    Both keyless entry keys

    All the usual features along with some JDM quirkiness

    Toll card reader which talks to you in Japanese.

    Radar rear view mirror which brings Japanese symbols up and this also talks

    All Japanese sat nav with Japanese maps

    Asc680 air suspension controller .

    DVD player under the seat (jdm region discs)

    Straight pipe exhaust from axle back so actually sounds like a V8 but not overly loud

    Starlight roof lining with controller , this took me hours to do but well worth it (YouTube it if you don’t know)

    Curtains front and rear

    Jdm doily seat covers ( can be removed)

    Since my ownership I’ve done a oil change , new battery and also a diff seal as it was leaking slightly .

    Recenty bonnet has been painted as it had laquer damage so the wings were done at the same time too.

    Negatives ….. remember she’s not a new car so does have some down sides .

    Since me doing the starlight roof lining I no longer get the one and only radio 2 …. JDM cars only seem to get this without a booster installed , I think I may of left the Ariel disconnected behind the liner when I put it back in .

    Other issue is the CD player is tempromental and doesn’t always work (ls430’s have the same issue)

    Car does have the odd mark and stone chip here and there but remember she’s getting on.

    This car gets attention literally everywhere . I always get asked what it is and if I use it for weddings or people just tell me how nice it looks for the year .

    Car is a pleasure to drive and with the 4.3 litre V8 she has plenty of power to make it fun too and the 6 speed gearbox is silky smooth , you can’t even feel the gear changes it’s that smooth and also has sports mode .

    The ASC680 controls the air suspension to override the cars air suspension so you can lower the car quite a lot or even raise it up a decent amount too on the stock compressor, downside it’s slow but does the job just fine .

    The Work LS406 wheels could be sold with the car along with the 50mm SS kit if you wanted to really go for the VIP look ….. the SS kit will let the car go super low with just the factory suspension bags.

    The wheels that will come with the car (and currently on the car) are unmarked and we’re only powder coated last week.

    The work wheels will be sold separately if anyone is interested .

    Message for more details .

    No Px unless it’s a classic JDM car I’m not after anything else really .

    Please don’t message if you’re a trader telling me you will sell my car for me as you won’t even get a reply from me.

    For more pictures you can find me on Instagram


    Or my YouTube

    The majesta will be going for a fresh MOT straight after Christmas just for piece of mind for the new buyer.

    Also I’ve got the standard exhaust that will go with the car if needed , a flange will need welding back on though.

    price £11,500

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    More pictures can be added if needed.







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    its pretty cool car mate
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    Cheers man I’d love to keep it but I want a classic JDM car so unfortunately this has to go.
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    Price reduced to £10,000.

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