SOLD Turbocharged 1.6 Mk1 MX5

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    Welcome to the advert of my turbocharged MX5 Eunos, thank you for looking and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

    [​IMG][/URL][/IMG] image1.
    The car was built over the summer of 2016 and finished January 2017. It was built by a Honda engineer with 8 years’ experience who wanted a drift car and as such he knew what he was looking for to get the best out of a car. The build has been carried out to a high standard with things as little as the fuel lines having been replaced. Being such a light car it is great for the drift scene, however, I bought it as a fun car to use for a short daily commute I was doing and it has never let me down. It has just passed its MOT at a local Mazda garage without any problems and it was also treated to a full service. I have covered around 3500 miles in my ownership and it has run me to and from work effortlessly.

    Reason for sale is that I am starting to do a lot more miles than I first expected (30 mile round trip back in September now its 130+ daily) and I also need a larger car due to the fact that I am lift sharing, so only having 1 spare seat doesn’t go down well.

    Here’s the description of the car:

    Full deuce body kit, with welded brackets to reduce flex,

    Bolt on arches with original wings all cut out. The rears were then treated to a metal sheet on the underside to fully seal and prevent damage,

    Dmax style bonnet vent, with the bonnet cut for extra airflow,

    Half tubed front end and full undertray set-up to the rear of the front subframe,

    In the process of the build all rust has been cut out and repaired including chassis rails,

    The car has been sprayed in MTN94 navy blue with a full underseal performed during the build, with the hardtop and windscreen surround sprayed in matt black. There is no soft top in the car so is hardtop or no top, adds to the excitement if you do go for a roof-down blast!

    Carbon fibre F1 style wing mirrors as well as bullet shaped spares,

    Japspeed rear wing legs and carbon wing, the legs previously black have now been sprayed orange as this was the colour scheme I was going for. To support the weight there are also alloy plates to stop flex and extra reinforcement.


    The car was mapped at Skuzzle in March last year and as such is running 255bhp at the fly resulting in 213 at the wheels with printout. Car was mapped to Shell V-Power and this is all it has ever been run on therefore everything has been kept as best as possible.

    The turbo set up consists of a T25 turbo with a cast manifold,

    Custom 2.5” exhaust from turbo back there is room for a silencer if needed however currently is running straight to the exhaust tip,

    An ME221 standalone ECU with boost controller running to 0.7 bar,

    Stage 3 paddle clutch,

    Front mount intercooler with 2.5” pipe work,

    Rx8 420cc yellow injectors,

    Jackson racing HT leads,

    Alloy radiator with Mishimoto fans and surround.

    The car still has its power steering in place and as such this has been treated to an oil cooler just in case,

    Oil cooler with braided lines,

    Oil catch can,

    Smaller window washer bottle and header tank with custom mounting brackets,

    Solid engine mounts,

    Braided clutch line,

    Welded diff with solid bushes.

    7twenty style 44 15x9 et0 rims with 195/50 fronts and 205/50 rears. The tyres are stretched slightly to tuck nicely,

    Car will also come with a spare two Cades Blast 15x8 et20 rims and legal tyres,

    Driftworks adjustable rear camber arms,

    HSD Monopro coilovers, it had a full fast road 4 wheel alignment in February 2017,

    1.8 brakes all round with braided brake lines,

    Extended drifty hubs with extended wheel studs,

    Bucket seats with Sparco harnesses,

    Rear roll bar with harness bar,

    Aftermarket steering wheel with slim quick release and boss,

    Wideband, oil and water temp gauges in the dash,

    Cusco front strut brace with brake stopper,

    New fuel lines from tank to fuel rail.

    I have a folder full of pictures and paperwork from the build and more on my phone. Looking for £4,350, unfortunately not looking to swap or trade as already have a second car and have made my mind up as to what I want next.

    Thanks for looking, please contact me on 07715681392 if you wish to enquire further, I work until late but will try and reply whenever I can.

    image5. image8. image3. image12. image13. image9. image10.
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    Sorry, forgot to add- I’m based in Stowmarket Suffolk.

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    Oh my word that is lovely....and typically 12 months too early. It's exactly what I will be looking for next year :'(

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