For Sale Various PS13 Silvia Panels, on the road from Surrey to Wakefield quick!!

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    Ok so I'm heading to Wakefield in Yorkshire from Surrey tomorrow so can take these items I'm selling with me if need be...
    Drop me a pm asap if interested in anything as I can bring with me to save the buyer on fuel/postage and make things far far easier for people in general smile.

    So practically FREE POSTAGE on big, hard to send parts! thumbsup.

    OEM PS13 metal bonnet, Perfect panel few superficial scratches - Pearl white 400
    OEM PS13 metal bonnet, Soda blasted in grey with flush aero catches and pull cords fitted, needs prep and paint 200
    OEM PS13 Original metal wings (pearl white) - 250
    OEM PS13 Rear Boot spoiler (pearl white) 1992 onwards surf board style - 70
    OEM PS13 Rear Bumper (Pearl white) - SOLD
    OEM PS13 Front bumper without grills, tatty paint, but no actual damage - SOLD

    Will do deals on multiple parts too, just ask..

    If you want anything please be quick to PM me and get in touch as I'm leaving very early in the morning, I will be coming all the way up the M1 and I'm only doing this journey once!

    Cheers smile.
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