Volk GTN wheel setup issues

Thread in 'Technical Questions' started by Ianedawgg7, Mar 10, 2017.

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    I currently own a pair of Volk Gtn wheels for a great price around my area...also was completely caught off guard when these were listed as they are pretty rare nowa days but I also have a 2014 scion frs (toyota gt86) that wants to be paired with them...........but cant! The wheels are 18x7.5 and a 43mm offset I believe and running on Michelin Pilot super sports 235/40. The stock bolt pattern on the car do not match up with the "universal" bolt pattern on the wheels. I know they make conversion kits but I am lost as to where I should be looking......can anyone help?
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    You need a PCD adaptor , email driftworks and they will do you custom ones. Or try your luck locally.

    I'm guessing here but your wheels will be 5x114 , and your car is 5x100


    judging by this guys setup ^

    you can get away with a 18mm adaptor and a 225 width tyre to 22mm pcd adaptor all round and run a skinny 205 width tyre for that 'stretch' look , depending on how low you go and arch work.

    Don't forget to measure the centre bores for a good fitting hardware.

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