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    in some other thread i said i will do a howto on alloy wheel refurb. This is it. I will try to describe what i did with my wheels, and it turned out preety well. Wheels are nice and shiny and paint will be as resistant as new paint.

    Also, my wheels were realy bad. They probably wernt washed for 13 years, paint was falling off... So, if you have nice wheels without "scars" just skip first few steps.

    We need:

    - A compressor and airbrush (some of your friends must have that)
    - A few sheets of 800 grade sanding paper
    - A few sheets of 150 grade sanding paper
    - If your wheels have realy deep scars buy some 80 grade as well
    - Some paint thinner
    - aprox. 0,5 liter of paint (from paint shop, i used silver metalic paint, you can use any paint you want)
    - Clear coat (guy in paint shop will tell you how much you need)
    - Some primer. Amount depends on how bad your wheels are. I used around 0,7 liter on my wheels.
    - A clean cloth
    - A mask for your face (unless you want to end up stoned as hell :))
    - A place to work & Some beer :)

    Cost: around 50 euro not including beer


    If your wheels are fine and just want another color you only have to remove clear coat from them. Use 150 grade sand paper to remove ALL the clear coat, but you dont have to remove original paint completly.

    If your wheels are bad first use some 80 sand paper and then repeat sanding with 150. If original paint is cracking or falling off its best to remove it completly.

    You will work hard for few hours. If you plan to put primer on the same day dont drink more than 1 beer :)


    Now when wheels are propely sanded down we have to put primer over them. Use your air brush to apply primer. Amount of primer depends on condition of your wheels. If there are still some holes and dents visible in wheels you have to use a lot of it, to cover them up.

    Clean your wheels with thinner and a clean cloth, then apply a layer of primer. You have to cover whole wheel. Spray 3 or 4 layers of primer on the wheel, without waiting for it to dry. Repeat on all 4 wheels :)

    If just respraying you can only put 1 layer of primer.

    Leave primer to dry for a few hours. The best would be to leave it over night or 5, 6 hours on hot sun. And dont forget to clean your air brush.

    Sanding part 2.

    When primer is on we have to sand the wheel until its completly smooth. Get that 800 grade paper, some water and start scrubing. Use a lot of water while sanding and dont miss a bit. This is important. Again, this may taka a few hours. Take your time, at least 1/2 hour for one wheel.

    Painting with paint.

    Now its time. Get the air brush ready. Before you start painting clean your garage and pour some water on the floor so there wont be any dust. Try to paint some cardboard or something fist, just to get a fealing.

    Apply a layer of paint. If you are using metallic paint you have to maintain the distance between airbrush and wheel, so the particles in paint will spread evenly. The first layer has to be a bit more wet. Dont make "fog", use a lot of paint, but not too much. Its not realy hard, just try to paint the first layer in one go.

    When the first layer is done you can repeat as many times as you like :) I did 3 layers of paint on my wheels.

    Leave paint to dry for 4, 5 hours. And again, dont forget to clean your paintbrush.

    Clear coat.

    When you finish painting your wheels will look matt. Thats the reason we are painting them over with clear coat. That and protection. If you dont want shiny finish you can use half-matt coat. Its a bit harder to get, but it will give you nice matt finish and protect your paint. You can also use full matt finish coat, but thats too matt for my taste.

    Just paint your clear coat the same way as you did with paint. First layer in one go, use a lot of it but not too much.

    Leave wheels to dry for few hours. Its best not to put tyres on for few days actualy. I put the tyres on my wheels 5 or 6 hours after final layer but it was too soon. I noticed the paint got as hard as it should be after 2 or 3 days.

    Thats it. You can check results on THIS SITE. Just scroll down.
    It took me 3 days to do this, but i didnt work all day. My friend who works in a paint shop helped me and gave me some advice i now give you, but other than that im a newbie in painting so if i could do this anyone can.

    I hope this helps. Sorry there is no pictures of work in progress. Also, sorry about my bad english, i dont know some "painting" and tech. terms but i hope you understood. If there are some typos please let me know.

    If you like this one i will also do a how to on painting the interior. I know its probably not 100% suitable for drifting forum, but some of use our drifters as daily drivers as well. So it cant hurt to have a nice interior right :)
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