White Nissan 200sx S14 (97) - Apex, HKS, Stage 1a, GTR's etc.

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    This is a bit of a gamble for me as I've seen a car I fancy, but I wasn't actually planning on changing cars. I'm putting my much loved S14 up for sale to gauge interest, and if someone wants it and the car I'm looking at turns out to be something I want to go for, the S14 can go.

    This car was in need of a fair bit of TLC when I bought it. Since owning it I have:
    -Replaced the interior, including leathers, carpet and other parts.
    -Had LOADS of underside work done and had it re-undersealed. Included new chassis rails as the old ones were dented. This came at great cost to me and means this car is solid underneath.
    -HKS Hi-Power Silent exhaust with custom decat (s/s version)
    -Tidied up lots of wiring and fixed various parts.
    -Brand new tie rods and track rods a few months ago professionally fitted (£300).
    As well as fitting loads of new parts and cosmetic work.

    It's a 1997 UK S14 (P reg), around 176,000 miles on the shell (will double check), but the engine is from an S14a (VVT) and has around 105k on it and still runs sweet, pulls very well etc. Very capable drift car, goes sideways VERY well, only thing I'd really change is the diff for a 2 way if you were going to drift it.

    Roughly 6 months tax and 9 months (will double check) MOT.






    (will try and take more pictures asap! Currently sits at the height of the second picture)


    -SR20DET (2.0 Turbo) - S14a VVT engine.
    -Horsham Developments Stage 1a
    -Apex Front Mount Intercooler (type 2)
    -Apex Tubular Manifold
    -HKS Hi-Power Silent exhaust system and decat (full stainless version)
    -HKS Mushroom Filter/Induction with cold air feed
    -Apex & Samco Hoses and Chrome Pipework
    -Japspeed 50mm Radiator
    -Apex Manual boost Controller
    -Braided oil and water lines
    -Walbro 255 Fuel pump (only around 2k miles on it)
    -Exedy Organic Clutch
    -Recirculation 'pigeon' setup

    -Full Apex Alignment kit:
    *Rose jointed Rear Camber Arms
    *Rear Toe Arms
    *Rear Traction Arms
    *Front TC Arms
    -Front and Rear Strut Braces
    -Apex Gen 2 fully adjustable Coilovers
    -Locking Collars on Subframe
    -Brembo Front and rear Discs
    -EBC Red Stuff Pads (Front) EBC Green Stuff Pads (Rear)

    -Rota GTR's - 17x9.5J all round
    -Falken FK452 tyres
    -Touring Side Skirts
    -Headlight washers removed and smoothed
    -Clear Repeaters and Side Repeaters
    -Colour Coded lower lip
    -Red Silvia bonnet emblem
    -De-spoilered & smoothed bootlid
    -JDM style Rear bumper
    -Flatblade wipers

    -Deep dish steering wheel
    -AutoGauge boost gauge (Bar) and Custom Pillar Pod
    -Metal gear knob
    -Pioneer Headunit/Speakers setup with Aux-In
    -Turbo Timer with remote
    -JDM parking permit!

    All the arms etc are free moving and everything moves as it should. Suspension comes with the T-spanners etc. The car looks and sounds awesome, and gets a lot of comments. Shifts very quick and always puts a smile on my face!

    Bad Points:
    -Front wheels could do with aligning properly - easy job just not had time.
    -Slight VVT at around 2900RPM, but I'm not usually there! Common issue with 14's.
    -There's a few little flakes of paint along the top of the P/S door where it was painted, but should be an easy touch up, it's just never bothered me!
    -Rear arches aren't perfect, but again, don't look bad.
    -Has some imperfections around it, but it's a used car! Has a bit of paint damage on the front bumper, but not too noticeable.

    Apart from those points it's a brilliant car! It's not perfect as it's used properly, but it looks stunning, and clean! Sit's great and looks proper aggressive. It's low, but still gets over plenty of speedbumps so it can be used daily too!

    I also have a Navan front bumper I will throw in for an extra £120, in ONE PIECE, just needs paint!

    NO LONGER FOR SALE - Withdrawn as the car I was looking at sold!
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    NO LONGER FOR SALE - Withdrawn as the car I was looking at sold. Sorry!
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