White S2 R33 GTST - 400bhp+ - Great spec

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    Due to moving further away from work and fuel costing way too much, regretfully I'm having to list my beloved car for sale after 8 months of wonderful and 100% hassle free ownership.

    Bad bits out of the way first, as there aren't many at all and I like to finish an advert on a high.
    • Declared Cat-C for a rear end knock to the nearside shortly after bringing it into the country.
    • Due to the aforementioned, upon getting arches professionally rolled, a little bit of filler cracked off the nearside rear arch. You can see from the pics (to come later) that it isn't that bad visually, and is easily fixable - I'm just honest.
    • Slight wear to drivers seat bolster
    • Boot carpet not original - but it does the job for now.
    • Wing mirror retracting motors seen better days
    • Boot lock doesn't work with key - but it will we just fitted it wrong *facepalm*. Will try and sort before sale.
    That's pretty much it!

    It's done a shade over 90k, a mix of course of miles and KM - so it's a relatively low mileage example, as the condition demonstrates.

    Gearbox is smooth and clutch strong. Turbo pulls hard and smooth all the way to red-line.
    Mapping is excellent as it idles smoothly and power delivery is very nice indeed.
    Car holds it's temperature fantastically well, even when stuck in traffic.

    Boost is set to 1.2bar and was dyno'd at 402bhp.

    I have a HUGE folder of receipts of work done worth thousands - bedtime reading at it's best. No expense has been spared on this car.

    Comes with 12 months ticket (advisories only the usual hazing over of the headlights - nothing a good polish won't fix) and a couple of months tax.

    Specifications as below:

    Engine and drivetrain:
    • Blitz BOV
    • NGK Iridium 8's - brand new replacement set about to be fitted
    • Splitfire Coilpacks - about to be replaced with brand new benchmark coils
    • RSP 400bhp Hybrid Turbo
    • Apexi Induction Kit
    • Z32 AFM
    • Japspeed GTR FMIC (mikalor clamps, no jubilees)
    • Apexi PowerFC with hand commander (mapped by RSP)
    • Greddy Profec B Spec 2 boost controller - set to 1.2bar
    • Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
    • Jecs 550cc Injectors
    • Japspeed Turbo Elbow/Downpipe
    • Japspeed Decat
    • Japspeed catback system
    • Exedy Hybrid Clutch
    • Nismo Oil filler cap
    • Nismo fuel filler cap

    Running Gear:
    • 18" Genuine Nismo LMGT4's with good rubber
    • Daiyama coilovers
    • Conceptua Tuning ‘BYCAS’ Hicas removal kit
    • Driftworks rear upright and control arm bushes
    • Japspeed front strut brace
    • GTR rear strut brace
    • Japspeed engine torque damper
    • EBC dimpled and grooved discs front and rear
    • Braided brake hoses
    • Ferodo Premiere pads front
    • OEM pads rear
    • Moff brake stopper

    • R32 GTR Front Seats
    • Japspeed short-shifter
    • Defi Racer Boost Gauge
    • Defi Racer voltmeter
    • Nismo shift knob
    • Razo pedal set
    • Sony digital media head unit
    • Nardi 330mm black leather with red stitching
    • Daikei steering boss
    • Electroluminescent dials

    Price is set to £5500 ovno.
    Will also PX for something more luxury but must be a bit more economical.

    If asking price is paid, I will throw in the following into the sale to sweeten the deal:
    • Brand new Nismo short shifter.
    • Brand new Defi Racer oil temp gauge.
    • Brand new Defi Racer oil pressure gauge.
    • Brand new conceptua oil sandwich plate.
    • Brand new HKS oil filter.
    • Brand new, custom made, stereo surround plate with 2 cutouts for the aforementioned defi gauges.
    • Nismo repeaters.
    • QM1 painted, vented front wings.
    • 12" boxed vibe sub.
    • Vibe amplifier.

    1) Test drivers welcome as long as you can prove you're insured, otherwise I'll take you for a spirited drive.
    2) STRICTLY no tire kickers as I'm a busy man with two jobs.
    3) Given a bit of notice I'll get it freshly cleaned before a visit (just in case you drive it away), but ask for a last minute viewing and it might not be possible.
    4) Spark plugs and coil packs as mentioned above will be changed this weekend (14th June) as well as popping in fresh oil.
    5) Absolutely no rush to sell, so no low, stupid, offers and certainly no 'what's the lowest price you'll take' without even seeing the car and showing me that you are intent on doing a deal.

    Car is located in Welwyn, Hertfordshire.

    Now for the pictures!
    (pic of the flaked filler to come asap)

    Here is the car sporting the Nismo wheels:

    The rest of the pics were taken before the Nismo wheels went on (month ago):
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    On looking about, I priced it a bit keen.

    Now £5500.
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    good looking car and well specced - always nice in white too - GLWTS
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    Thanks - will be gutted to see it leave. It's such a cracking motor :(

    EDIT: Trade pending
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