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    200sx s14a 1999 V reg UK SPEC 74,000 miles engine which has freshly rebuilt top and bottom. The car was built over about a year and has been loved dearly and has had no expense spared!
    Also I couldn't bring myself to sell it in a sorry state, so has been restored to its former glory and literally has just rolled out the body shop so is perfect condition.

    Suspension + drive chain

    Driftworks control systems 2 coilovers
    Driftworks lower adjustable arms (adjusted 50mm out to suit body kit and wheels)
    Driftworks adjustable camber arms
    Driftworks adjustable toe arms
    Driftworks adjustable tie rod arms (carbon)
    Driftworks poly subframe mounts
    Driftworks Solid diff mounts
    Powder coated subframe

    Wheels and brakes

    Ray's black series custom made Versus BL 20 FX
    Front 19" 10j +5 offset
    Rear 19" 11j -7 offset
    The spokes have now been colour coded to the body

    Db Power front Porsche gt3/cayenne calipers with mm discs conversion
    Db Power rear Porsche gt3/cayenne calipers with mm discs conversion
    Z32 rear handbrake conversion
    Abs removed

    Exterior/body work

    Origin Lab 'stylish' front bumper
    Origin Lab 'stylish' 25mm wide arch front wings
    Origin Lab 'stylish' 50mm wide arch rear over fenders
    Origin Lab side skirts (seamless)
    Origin Lab rear bumper split to meet rear arches and flared (seamless)
    Doors cut and split to meet massive wide arches also seamless
    Two tone paint work. Lower body sprayed in Lamborghini ballon white, roof in gloss black.
    Custom made polished stainless steel wing vents
    Light smoke window tints


    Custom Alcantara front and rear door cards (Aston Martin DBS style)
    Defi water temp
    Defi oil temp
    Defi oil pressure
    Defi control unit
    Sbc I-color boost controller moulded into door vent.
    Nismo gear knob
    Alpine tv head unit
    Alpine 360w V-Power amp
    JBL components
    Boot plied out


    Large core FMIC
    50mm Apex radiator
    Apexi air filter
    Spitfire coil packs
    86mm Mahle pistons
    Eagle rods
    Std Acl race big ends and mains.
    Cosworth Metal head gasket.
    Brian crower 264 camshafts
    Rocker arm stoppers
    Exedy twin plate clutch
    Fuse box and battery relocated to boot.
    Washer bottle relocated to the boot
    Wiring loom tidied and reduced
    Polished rocker cover
    Custom stainless radiator cover
    Custom stainless air box
    Custom stainless wiper motor cover

    Sadly finances are causing me to sell, as I would to love to finish it and it's crying out for a nice turbo kit!!
    However I do have the ancillaries ready for the turbo conversion.
    Deutschworks 740cc, Nistune ECU and z32 maf that can be sold with the car.

    £7600 or sensible offer

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    Any one know how to put pics up??

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