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    We're always working hard to ensure that we've got a cool array of WORK wheels in stock here in the UK, ready for those customers who need a set of wheels right away. We've recently added a few sets of the hugely popular Meister S1 2-Piece wheels to our inventory, all in 4x100 PCD to suit Mk1/2 Mx-5s and EF/EG/EK Civics (amongst others).

    WORK Meister S1 2-Piece 15x7


    The first sets are 15x7 +20 which is a perfect bolt-on size for Mk1/2 Mx-5s without the need for tyre stretching, camber or arch modifications. These are currently in stock with Silver faces and Polished lips but these will soon be joined by sets with White faces and Polished Lips. These are available for just £1066.56.

    WORK Meister S1 2-Piece 15x8


    We also have these available in 15x8 +0 sizes which are ideal for those with Mk1/2 Mx-5s who are prepared to fit slightly stretched tyres, roll the arches and add a little bit of camber. We currently have these in stock with White faces and Polished lips but these will soon be joined by variations with Silver, Black and Matte Black faces, along with an extra-special set with Matte Black faces and Bronze Anodised lips. These will be available for just £1120.08.

    If you're based in the UK, remember that all WORK Wheels In Stock and Custom Wheels are available on 0% finance! You can view the other sets of wheels we have in stock here.

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