wots it worth,?,nissan silvia s13 redtop,drift spec

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    hi there, i ave possibly my toy for sale, depending on the sort of money its worth of course,

    nissan silvia 1991, s13, sr20 det,redtop,
    tomei cams, uprated metal head gasket,oil cooler,also relacted to the inside of the wing,nismo front mount intercooler with alloy piework,uprated fuel pump and injectors,full ss exhaust including manifold,garrett t28 turbo from s14 i think?,ss up pipe,hks induction kit with alloy pipework,uprated pullys,

    5 speed box,used to be at, converted to manual,in japan,uprated paddle clutch,2 way locked rear diff,short shift linkage,

    drift coilovers, will check wot make, fully adjustable, with top mounts,uprated steering rack,alloy lower arms,uprated tie rods,anti roll bar,everything has been uprated,cusco strut brace front and rear, under bracing at the front and rear, also has a alloy sumpguard at front,

    17 inch alloys front and rear, split rims on the rear, 5 stud conversion at the rear with uprated discs and pads on rear and front,did have fly off handbrake but had to modify for mot,

    stripped inside,full bolt in rollcage, with rear cross over bar,bride racing seat in the drivers side,normal bride seat in the passenger side, no carpet,no sound deadning,painted purple inside,drift steering wheel,5 inch carbon tacho meter,oil,exhaust and boost guages,apexi avcr installed,also beezr rev control,(needs wiring in),

    repainted midnight purple with rainbow flake,vented and wide front fenders,uras bodykit,rolled and widened rear arches,vented fiberglass bonnet,

    car made 260 bhp at engine tuner at plymouth last week,that with a standard ecu running 0.8 bar,just spend 500 quid on a apexi power fc and url be at 360 bhp,no questions asked,all fluids changed while at plymouth,engine is sweet as a nut, this car is a dream to drive, but beware its noisey and a bit raw for some people,especially with that rear diff,
    12 months mot and 6 months tax, wots it worth?, 66239a2401-2811_Silvia_Front21. 66239a1401-2811_Silvia_Front1. 66239a3401-2811_Silvia_Left1. 66239a4401-2811_Silvia_Rear1. 66239a6401-2811_Silvia_Right1. 66239a7401-2811_Silvia_Rmirror1. 66239a9401-2811_Silvia_Meter1. 66239a13401-2811_Silvia_Steering1. 66239a15401-2811_Silvia_Engine1.
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