Wanted WTB> Z32 Early ECU + a bit of loom and plug

Thread in 'Parts for sale' started by Al86, Jan 22, 2013.

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    Hi everyone I'm building a kit car with a Nissan engine and I only need one more thing to get the engine started. Do any of you guys have a spare or old Z32 ECU? Any JDM , EDM or USDM 1990-1992 manual or auto would do they have Nissan part numbers 23710-30Pxx, 31Pxx, 37Pxx, 40Pxx, 41Pxx, 46Pxx, 47Pxx and 48Pxx. I will also require about 6inchs of wiring and the plug for the ecu also if that's possible.

    I have to admit my budget is getting very thin now so i don't have a huge amount left so not really looking to spend a fortune.

    I live in Bristol, so can collect if local.

    Thanks a huge amount for any help!

    Pic for anyone who's interested.


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