Yfz 450 race quad for sale....

Thread in 'Drift cars for sale' started by Sideways s13, Feb 19, 2013.

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    Up for sale is my YFZ 450.. Full engine rebuild 300miles ago!. One of the nicest quads around... It stands me at thousands.. It's a 2005 12 month m.o.t 10month tax.. Full v5 present.. Some of the things the bike has had Recently had some bad look with it I was riding along and it just seized up.. So I booked it in at....lets ATV quad centre.. He striped it down and diagnosed the oil pump had packed up and killed the engine... So I left it with him to fix..... And it now has.... New forged crank from a 2008,hotrod conrod,every bearing in the engine brand new,new oil pump,new timing chain and tensioner, new aftermarket 490cc bore and piston kit,new gasket kit.. That bill cost me 1020pound paperwork to prove less than a month ago...... So now basically a brand new engine... Runs and sounds sweet ....Other upgrades its got are.... Red bull graphic kit.....3"lowered......shocker socks.....full protek exhaust system that is 1month old costing 450pound .....dyno jet carburettor kit....quarter tern throttle...uprated filler and air box for more air....nerf bars.....wavey disc... New pads last week.... Alarm.... Few other bit I with of missed........this quad is very very fast.. Quicker than a 700 raptors. Do have a few spaires to go with it... I.e disc's silencer,filters. 07403346487
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    Price and pics please

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