Z20 Soarer 1JZ-GTE Project/Build For Sale

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    I have a super rare JDM Z20 Soarer project car for sale & possible build available. Large quantity of parts for the build present & I have a few months spare over the winter......

    Currently looks like this

    Another one built last year

    Potential to be one of these as previously built & run by myself & still running well I might add after 5 years of competition abuse!

    Consider the car a rolling shell, it has a 7M-GTE Auto in at the moment, that will be coming out shortly

    Parts available consist of
    1JZ-GTE Engine
    R154 Gearbox & 1JZ Bellhosuing
    Manual Conversion Parts
    Various engine related goodies

    Can be supplied with a Nickson Motorsport Cage, seats, harnesses, kill switches, fire extinguisher, big fuel pump, uprated engine/turbo/injectors/management etc or just as a project as is with parts supplied for a base spec car.

    If your seriously interested & have a budget feel free to contact me on 07970 642129

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