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    My Zed for sale,

    1990 NA LWB Targa.

    I'm selling this as my job has to come first and i'm unable to run the zed back and forth work.

    I'll be completly honest about everything;
    1990 NA LWB Targa.
    Black-The paint has seen better days as it's been keyed on both sides and it was hit by another car at parking speed which scraped the rear corner taking off alot of paint.

    The drivers doorlock has stopped working from the key along with the central locking from the keyfob.

    The ODO says 110000 but 35000 of those were km.
    It uses no oil and no water.

    It has an apexi induction kit, powerflow catback exhaust, 1 piece propshaft from Z1 motorsport along with a nismo gearbox mount.

    It has a cusco R200 Diff but that's started to whine and the carrier bushes have given up the ghost so it clunks with every gear change

    I have a JD chip for it which i can include in the sale or will put up for sale seperatly if any one wants it.
    I'll post pictures up later of the car plus damage.

    any other questions feel free to ask.

    will swap for runnaround


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