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Haltech Elite 1000 PnP Adapt Harn ECU Kit - Honda Integra DC5

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Elite 1000 Plug 'n' Play Adaptor Harness ECU Kit - Honda Integra DC5
DC5/Acura RSX 05-06 (Does not support factory multiplexed coolant temperature gauge, battery light and AC request - Please see the product quick start guide for further information)
- includes M14 x 1.5 Air Temp Sensor (inc plug & pins)
E1000 ECU also does NOT support the factory intake runner control & check engine light. Please use the E1500 if these functions are required.
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Haltech has been at the cutting edge of engine management technology since Steve Mitchell first opened its doors back in 1986. Fast forward to today and Haltech ECUs are now sold worldwide and are the driving force behind many record-setting race vehicles. Credited as the first company to develop real-time engine management calibration, Haltech is also actively involved in numerous motorsport events including SEMA, World Time Attack, and NMCA/NMRA to name a few not to mention a host of popular car culture TV shows. Recognised globally as the leader in their industry, they really are the real deal if you're looking for engine management systems that work perfectly every time.

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