Hardrace Suspension & Chassis Components

Hardrace know how to produce high quality, reinforced chassis parts for race and street cars. We stock hundreds of options including adjustable suspension arms and engine mounts for a huge range of cars including Honda, BMW, Nissan and more. Not only that but every Hardrace product is tested to destruction by their professional drivers to ensure you get ultimate stability and driving response.

Hardrace Adjustable Arms

Hardrace Adjustable Arms

Hardrace arms provide excellent stability and road response during high speed driving or hard cornering.

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Hardrace Bushings & Mountings

Hardrace Bushings & Mountings

Suspension bushings are some of the most highly stressed components on a car. By upgrading to Hardrace bushes you improve the driving stability, ride quality, traction, efficiency of the brakes and lifetime of your tyres.

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Hardrace Chassis Bracing

Hardrace Sway Bars & Chassis Bracing

Hardrace sway bars are designed to keep the balance of your car, improve handling, maintain traction and reduce body roll in any performance driving situation. Hardrace sway bars are manufactured with the highest technology and CNC machines so they can design and produce stiffer, more resilient products.

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Hardrace Steering Tie Rods & Rod Ends

Hardrace Steering Tie Rods & Rod Ends

Designed with high quality alloy steel, Hardrace tie rod ends give you maximum accuracy, better stiffness and durability at high speeds.

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