HKB Steering Wheel Boss Kit OH-207 for Honda SM-X w/Airbag

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IMPORTANT - Please note before purchasing: The Honda boss kits fit one of two spline diameters, this size varies car to car regardless of year so you will need to confirm your application before ordering.
OH-136, OH-215 and OH-215L HKB boss kits fit a 15mm diameter spline.
OH-196, OH-206, OH-207 and OH-281 kits fit a 16mm diameter spline.

HKB Steering Wheel Boss Kits are made in Japan and are double drilled to be compatible with Nardi/Personal and Momo/Sparco/OMP steering wheels.

All HKB Boss Kits are designed to provide plug and play horn operation, indicator self-cancelling, airbag light cancelling, HICAS operation and cruise control functionality, depending on application.

  • 6x70 and 6x74 PCD
  • 60mm depth
  • Airbag compatible


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About HKB Sports

HKB Sports

HKB Sports has specialised in making vehicle-specific boss kits, hub adaptors, and accessories in Japan since 1969. The lineup covers a huge range of JDM cars so chances are if your car is Japanese they've got a product for you. Each one of their HKB boss kits comes doubled drilled giving you the freedom to fit either a Nardi/Personal, Vertex, or MOMO steering wheel too. Depending on the car and boss kit model, HKB boss kits also provide plug and play horn operation, indicator self-canceling, airbag light canceling, HICAS operation, and cruise control function amongst other features.

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