HKB Steering Wheel Boss Kit OH-281 for Honda CR-V RE3/4 w/Airbag

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IMPORTANT - Please note before purchasing: The Honda boss kits fit one of two spline diameters, this size varies car to car regardless of year so you will need to confirm your application before ordering.
OH-136, OH-215 and OH-215L HKB boss kits fit a 15mm diameter spline.
OH-196, OH-206, OH-207 and OH-281 kits fit a 16mm diameter spline.

HKB Steering Wheel Boss Kits are made in Japan and are double drilled to be compatible with Nardi/Personal and Momo/Sparco/OMP steering wheels.

All HKB Boss Kits are designed to provide plug and play horn operation, indicator self-cancelling, airbag light cancelling, HICAS operation and cruise control functionality, depending on application.

  • 6x70 and 6x74 PCD
  • 60mm depth
  • Airbag compatible

Functions of switches other than the horn on the steering cannot be used. The meshing length of the serrations may be short on some vehicles that bolt the boss. There is no problem if you can tighten the bolts to the specified torque and fix the boss.


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About HKB Sports

HKB Sports

HKB Sports has specialised in making vehicle-specific boss kits, hub adaptors, and accessories in Japan since 1969. The lineup covers a huge range of JDM cars so chances are if your car is Japanese they've got a product for you. Each one of their HKB boss kits comes doubled drilled giving you the freedom to fit either a Nardi/Personal, Vertex, or MOMO steering wheel too. Depending on the car and boss kit model, HKB boss kits also provide plug and play horn operation, indicator self-canceling, airbag light canceling, HICAS operation, and cruise control function amongst other features.

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