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HKS high performance camshafts 2JZ-GTE

HKS high performance camshafts 2JZ-GTE

Make sure you select the right inlet cam, VVT-i and non VVT-i are not compatable. We can get all HKS cams, so if something isn't listed, just ask!

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HKS high performance camshafts for Toyota 2JZ-GZE.
Part numberValve liftDurationChassisSideDesigned Valve TimingNotes
22002-AT0048.6264°2JZ-GTE (VVT-i)INTAKE94°~118°Variable valve timing controller required.
2202-RT0849264°2JZ-GTE (VVT-i)EXHAUST115° 
2202-RT0869.3272°2JZ-GTE (VVT-i)EXHAUST115° 
22002-AT0029.3280°2JZ-GTE (VVT-i)EXHAUST113° 
2202-RT0839264°2JZ-GTE (Not Compatible with VVT-i side)INTAKE113° 
2202-RT0859.3272°2JZ-GTE (Not Compatible with VVT-i side)INTAKE113° 
22002-AT0019.3280°2JZ-GTE (Not Compatible with VVT-i side)INTAKE113° 
2202-RT0849264°2JZ-GTE (Not Compatible with VVT-i side)EXHAUST115° 
2202-RT0869.3272°2JZ-GTE (Not Compatible with VVT-i side)EXHAUST115° 
22002-AT0029.3280°2JZ-GTE (Not Compatible with VVT-i side)EXHAUST113°
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