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HKS high performance camshafts SR20DET

HKS high performance camshafts SR20DET

Make sure you select the right inlet cam, NVCS fitment is needed for "blacktop" or "VVT" engines. We can get all HKS cams, so if something isn't listed, just ask!

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HKS high performance camshafts for RWD SR20DET. Please note these are the new, redesigned HKS cams, so replace all old part numbers.
NumberValve liftDurationChassisNotes
22002-AN02511.5mm 256 IN (R)PS13 STEP1 
22002-AN02311.5mm256 INS14/15NVCS STEP1
22002-AN02411.5mm256 EX(R)PS13STEP1
22002-AN02812.0mm264 IN(R)PS13STEP2
22002-AN02612.0mm264 INS14/15NVCS STEP2
22002-AN02712.0mm264 EX(R)PS13/S14/15STEP2
22002-AN02912.0mm272 IN(R)PS13STEP2
22002-AN03011.5mm272 EX(R)PS13/S14/15STEP2
22002-AN03112.0mm264 INS14/15NVCS STEP3
22002-AN03212.0mm264 EX(R)PS13/S14/15STEP3
22002-AN03512.0mm272 EX(R)PS13/S14/15STEP3

Please note: Step 2 requires HKS valve spring kit
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