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HKS Metal Head Gaskets
Nissan and Toyota

HKS Metal Head Gaskets
Nissan and Toyota

HKS Multi Layer Metal Head Gaskets provide all the extra strength and reliability required to take the heat and stress levels associated with increased boost and power outputs. Available in many different sizes to achieve different compression ratios. We can supply all HKS items, if you want something that isn't listed, just ask!

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HKS metal head gaskets are engineered to resist severe levels of heat that are generated by high-horsepower and high-boost applications. All HKS head gaskets are constructed with multiple layers of steel and coated with a special fluorine rubber to provide exceptional sealing. HKS head gaskets are designed to accommodate standard and certain oversized cylinder bores.

For most applications, multiple gasket thicknesses are available to change the dynamic compression ratio for various levels of tuning and engine conditions. (Note: HKS gaskets are not designed to cure sealing problems caused by head or block irregularities.)

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