Honda Carbone Lorraine brake pads - RC5+ and RC6 compounds

Honda Carbone Lorraine brake pads - RC5+ and RC6 compounds


From 4 monthly payments of £31.81 (based on £127.23 Purchase) *Subject to Terms and Conditions
From 4 monthly payments of £31.81 (based on £127.23 Purchase) *Subject to Terms and Conditions
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We are please to offer the superb range of Carbon Lorraine brake pads in both RC5+ and RC6 compounds from stock here in our UK warehouse. We are able to supply the complete range of Carbon Lorraine compounds so if you would like more information please email us. You can consider RC5+ to be fast road/track use pads, and RC6 as hard core track pads but for more information on the RC5+ and RC6 compounds, please see below.

Please note that the price is for a front or rear axle and includes 4x pads (2 per corner). CL pads do not come with retaining spring clips, so if you wish to avoid pad rattle from cold, please purchase our anti-rattle shims.

  • £127.23
  • £127.23


Carbone Lorraine's RC5+ compound is their very latest design. Intended for track day cars that see road miles, this pad is very long lasting and has very high performance. On road tyres or even semi slicks you'd struggle to test the limits of this pad, yet it still works perfectly from cold and has stable performance across the temperature range.

Gentle to discs, low noise and low dust with high on-track performance. Can be combined with RC6 front or rear to alter brake balance if desired.

Carbone Lorraine's RC6 compound pad is the next step up from the RC5, it's a more powerful, focused pad which provides a more positive feel and more aggressive response. It really is the ultimate track day pad, providing incredible performance and excellent disc life due to no material transfer. The RC6 is a more noisy pad that gives off more dust, but it's still perfectly useable and provides excellent cold performance.

The RC6 provides top level performance with only a slight trade-off in noise and dust, for serious track day enthusiasts running semi-slicks this is *the* pad to have.


Some testimonials from the ITR-DC2 forum:

"i've had RC5+ before, enjoyed them on road and track, reminded me of the carbotech XP8s i had on a different car.

what are the RC6 like for noise? the RC5+ i had didnt make any."

"Just wanted to update this after purchasing some of the RC5+ pads a couple of weeks ago.

Ordered them on the Tuesday and they were delivered at 9.30am the next day 8)

Fitted them along with some new discs and once had done a few miles they were pretty dam good, especially when warmed up a bit.

All in all fantastic service, great product and one happy guy "

"Not sure if I've posted in this thread but I've been running RC6 fronts this year and they are awesome! I plan to use then next year for racing. Best pads I've used in all of my Type Rs "

Referring to RC6s, "Powerful they are! After running DS2500's and Pagid RS4-2's for the last 8 years there really is no comparison. Deposits are a pain, but its well worth it 8)"

"I thought I'd add me experience of RC5+ pads after my recent trackday. The brakes got hot enough to melt/distort my plastic wheel centre caps. I was averaging 7 laps every time out (one warm up and one cool down). These pads were great throughout................... I'm looking forward to another trackday with these. Just to add not at any point have they squealed or been noisy."

"First impression of these brakes are amazing. I was a bit sceptical as I was using oem discs but they work very very well. I'm running RC6 on the front and RC5+ on the rear and have a Cusco cylinder stopper. There's a massive difference from oem to these pads. The RC6 are a bit noisy but they don't claim not to be. I'm glad I have my new harness now =). "

"Did my first trackday saturday, Blyton Park. A fast circuit with heavy braking zones and the CL RC5+ with RBF600 didnt miss a beat all day! Not even a hint of brake fade!"

"I was at Goodwood track day yesterday with the new RC5+ and Honda discs fitted. Very good combo and no problem with fade. The weakest link remains to be the bloke behind the steering wheel. "

"Used RC6's for my first motor race yesterday. The pads have been on the car over a year and have done at least 4 track days (including Spa!) and been used on the road in between. There was still 4mm of pad all round and no issues of brake fade what so ever. Its fair to say I am well happy and will continue to use these pads "

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