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Toyota MR2 - HSD Coilovers
Dualtech & Monopro - SW20

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Toyota MR2 - HSD Coilovers
Dualtech & Monopro - SW20


HSD coilovers allow for separate ride height and preload adjustment, ensuring that you always have full damper travel no matter how you set your ride height.

The MonoPro is the flagship of the HSD range, with the high capacity monotube dampers having been valved to suit extensive track driving/drifting while still retaining the compliance required for a comfortable ride on the road.

The DualTech range is aimed at those on a budgetwho predominantly use their car on the road with some occasional track use on the side. The twin tube dampers provide excellent performance at a reasonable price, offering the same levels of adjustment as coilovers costing many hundreds of pounds more.

We keep a large amount of HSD spares in stock including damper units, top mounts and bottom brackets , meaning we are always able to help should you have a mishap on the road or at the track. We also have hundreds of spring sets on the shelf, allowing you to adjust the spring rates for your HSD kit should you want to do so.

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dualtech vs monopro

Vehicle Model Front spring rate Rear spring rate Front top mount style Rear top mount style Kit notes
MR2 SW20 MP 6kg/mm 10kg/mm Camber adjustable, Pillow ball Pillow ball Inverted front damper, roller bearing front top mount
  DT 6kg/mm 10kg/mm Pillow ball Pillow ball  
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