Hydraulic handbrake and line packages

Hydraulic handbrake and line packages

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Hydraulic handbrake and line packages



A complete handbrake solution for most cars used in drifting (Nissan 200sx/Skyline, BMW E36 etc...) Our lines use 7/16 in, 3/8 out cylinder fittings and M10x1 brake line fittings. Choose from a handbrake with a quality Wilwood master cylinder, flexi lines and upgraded stainless handle.You'll need both input AND output lines to plumb in your handbrake, the kit replaces your rear brake line, with the handbrake in the middle. There is a locking mechanism, but this is NOT to be used as a parking brake. It's for short periods of time only, for example waiting at a starting line.

Hydraulic handbrake - steel handbrake with alloy handle, quality Wilwood master cylinder. Fixed vertical position.

Master cylinder sizes:
420mm handle 0.7
320mm handle 0.625
300mm classic 0.625

Input and output lines - quality steel braided flexi lines, with fittings needed to attach to our handbrake and to your cars master cylinder/abs pump and T-piece. Available in orange and black.

Plumbing the handbrake in is easy, if just replaces the rear brake line as shown in this diagram:

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