Japspeed Nissan SuperLock Tension Rods

Japspeed Nissan SuperLock Tension Rods

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Description / Japspeed Nissan SuperLock Tension Rods

Compared to our regular Nissan Tension Rods, our SuperLock items are both kinked and offset so as to provide extra clearance for cars running wide wheels in conjunction with steering lock modifications including chopped/drop knuckles, relocated steering racks and extended lower arms. Regular straight tension rods often foul the inner lip of the front wheels on cars running lock modifications when they reach more extreme steering lock angles - by fitting our SuperLock arms with the supplied offset bushes you will gain a huge amount of extra clearance to prevent any fouling or binding. Compared to our ExtraLock Tension Rods, our SuperLock items feature both a more rugged design and further improved clearance capabilities.

Adjusting your front caster is crucial when it comes to dialling in the desired amount of steering response and feel to your Nissan. A lesser amount of caster will make the car very responsive and twitchy, while a greater amount of caster will make the car more stable at high speeds while also improving mid-corner feel (ideal for drifting).

The standard Nissan tension rods feature large liquid-filled bushes that are prone to failing - by replacing these with the high load spherical bearings as found in our tension rods you will notice a lot less play in your front suspension setup.

Rugged kinked design for improved steering lock clearance
Offset mounting bush to improve clearance further
MIG welded for strength and durability
Manufactured from high tensile steel with heavy duty pillowball joints
Powder coated to prevent corrosion

The photos in the product gallery show our SuperLock Tension Rods fitted to our V8 S15 which is fitted with Japspeed Adjustable Front Lower Arms, Japspeed Full Steering Arms, Driftworks Geomaster hubs and relocated steering rack. The pictures were taken with the steering on full lock.

Please note: fits Nissan Silvia, 180SX & 200SX S13, 200SX & Silvia S14, S15 Silvia, R32, R33 & R34 Skylines and Z32 300ZX.

When used in conjunction with standard lower arms one of the tension rod mounting holes may require slight notching in order to fit these arms. This is easily done with a file or similar tool.


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