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Japspeed Subaru Impreza Classic & New Age Rear Control Arms

Japspeed Subaru Impreza Classic & New Age Rear Control Arms

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Our Subaru Impreza Classic & New Age Control Arm Package contains rear trailing arms and both pairs of rear lateral arms, allowing you to finely tune your toe and camber settings.

Adjusting your rear camber is a necessity if you have lowered your car or fitted larger/wider wheels. If you are trying to get the correct stance and fitment, sometimes it is necessary to dial in a bit more camber in order to fit your wheel and tyre combination under the arches. Additionally, fine tuning the rear camber settings can drastically adjust your car's cornering performance.

The rear toe settings on any car are very important and by adjusting them you can completely change the way your car drives. If you have also lowered your car extensively, you may find that you need to reduce the amount of toe in that your car has which will have increased as a result of slamming it.

Package contains one pair of rear trailing arms, two pairs of rear lateral arms and a pair of adjustable drop links.
Provides camber and toe adjustment
MIG welded for strength and durability
Manufactured from high tensile steel with heavy duty pillowball joints
Powder coated to prevent corrosion
Easy bolt-on fitment

Fits Subaru Impreza Classic & New Age models.
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