KW Clubsport V4 Coilovers inc top mount Porsche Carrera GT 980

KW Clubsport V4 Coilovers inc top mount Porsche Carrera GT 980

  • Model Year - 07/03-
  • Engine Power(KW) - 450
  • Max Weight - F: -715 R: -935
  • Lowering Front(mm) - 15-35
  • Lowering Rear(mm) - 15-35
  • Top Mount Adjustment - N/A
Made to order in Germany.
Part No: 39771127

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Designed and manufactured in Germany, the KW Clubsport 3-way Mono tube coilover kit combines KW's high-end racing technology and transfers this to the track and street. Take full potential of your sports car during track days, sports car driving clinics, enthusiast drives on Grand Prix circuits, and on tracks such as the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Similar to the KW Competition racing suspension used in international motorsport, the KW Clubsport 3-way coilover kit allows to fine-tune the compression damping separately in low-speed and high-speed ranges. The click adjustment of the “TVCLH-A”- technology is made directly on the expansion tank. You can manually vary the low-speed compression level with six precise clicks on the purple-colored adjustment dial. With the golden adjustment dial underneath, you can individually take influence on changing the high-speed compression setting for your trackday with 14 exact clicks from the recommended basic setup.

  • Kit - KW Clubsport V4 inc top mount
  • Part Number - 39771127
  • Car Make - Porsche
  • Car Model - Carrera GT (980)
  • Car notes -
  • Model Year - 07/03-
  • Engine Power(KW) - 450
  • Max Weight - F: -715 R: -935
  • Lowering Front(mm) - 15-35
  • Lowering Rear(mm) - 15-35
  • Top Mount Adjustment - N/A


Height adjustable on the front and rear axles (threaded strut housings)
Dampers are adjusted by easily operating adjustment wheels. Rebound is only adjustable if the top of the piston rod is accessible. This will depend on the vehicle construction.
Aluminium suspensions struts

Product Features:

  • Ideally suited for track and road use
  • 3-way damping adjustment
  • Wide range of ride height adjustment
  • Stainless steel damper body
  • Manufactured in Germany

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Brand Insight

Check out the KW Suspension range and find the perfect kit for you.

For over 25 years, KW Suspension has thrived worldwide thanks to its cutting-edge manufacturing, unrivalled technology, and exceptional development program. If you're after a premium aftermarket suspension kit with a racing pedigree, KW is certainly one brand to consider.

The ideal entry-level system with factory-set damping.

For the accomplished driver who wants a customised ride height with the ability to make damping adjustments.

Motorsport technology for improved performance on the road plus separately adjustable compression and rebound stage damping.

High-performance racing technology for daily road use with 3-way racing damper adjustment.

The ultimate coilover solution. Ultra high-performance technology bred from GT3 motorsports with 4-way independently adjustable damper technology.

A comfortable sports suspension with adjustable ride height options and damping.

Built with tech from motorsport and directly transferred for track day/street driving. 2-way damper adjustment.

Unlike conventional spring kits, a customised ride height is possible within the tested height adjustment range.

- Avoids error messages when changing the suspension

- Can also be used with other coilover manufacturers and OE aftermarket suspension separately

- Only the standard damper control is shut down and at the same time it prevents error messages

- Functions of the control unit remain fully

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