Lifeline Zero 360 Novec Fire Extinguisher Kits (FIA)

Lifeline Zero 360 Novec Fire Extinguisher Kits (FIA)


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Zero 360 is the latest FIA approved Fire Extinguisher technology, and it's the exact system we use in the Driftworks S15.
If you have seen the smaller fire systems go off, you will know that they don't have that much coverage. With this system we have 4 nozzles in the engine bay, 1 on the drivers legs, and 1 in the boot covering the fuel system. We use the electric system, so once the system is armed, it's activated by a large red button on our dash or a shielded button below the windscreen for the marshalls.

If you want to have the best possible chance of saving your pride and joy, and possibly your life in a fire, it's worth stretching to this more comprehensive system if you can. Even the best built cars can catch on fire for the most random reasons, and most of us are not insured when on track, so this may be a wise investment.

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