Nankang NS-20 235/40 R17 90V Tyres

Nankang NS-20 235/40 R17 90V Tyres

  • Efficiency Rating: D
  • EU Grip Rating: C
  • EU Noise Rating: B
  • EU Speed Rating: V
  • Load Rating: 90
Part No: JB957

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These Nankang NS-20 235/40 R17 90V Tyres have:

  • EU Speed Rating: V which equates to 149MPH
  • Load Rating: 90 which equates to 600KG
  • Efficiency Rating: D
  • EU Grip Rating: C
  • EU Noise Rating: B at 71dB

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The NS-20 is Nankang's latest performance road tyre, available in a range of 124 sizes from 185/45r15 up to 285/30r20. The NS-20 is produced with the latest in tyre technology, giving the driver complete confidence in both wet and dry conditions whilst also reducing road noise.
Auto Bild test results in 2012 showed that the NS-20 is strong competition against higher value branded tyres in dry and wet braking, with the NS-20 achieving better results than that of established higher priced tyres.

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Started way back in 1940, Nankang was one of the first tyre manufacturers to come out of Taiwan, in fact, their name is actually an ode to where the company was originally founded and where one of their two major production plants is still in existence to this day. Their partnership with Yokohama in the '70s meant Nankang's popularity exploded and their ability to produce good quality, affordable tyres then helped make them an established player within the tyre industry. Throughout the years Nankang has produced tyres for literally every conceivable mode of transport including aeroplanes proving that their tyres just work and get the job done at a fair price when compared to the competition.


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