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Nissan 200sx S13 and 180SX Handling Pack

Nissan 200sx S13 and 180SX Handling Pack

Driftworks - Handling Pack

A superb value suspension package deal, brought to you by the people that know more about suspension that most other companies combined.

The kit includes:

  • 1 set of HSD MonoPro Monotube coilovers - Widely regarded as one of the best coilover kits on the market.

  • 1 Driftworks 4 Arm Kit - Heavy duty adjustable front tension rods, rear camber arms, toe rods and traction rods.

  • 1 set of Subframe Locking Collars - Easy to fit, and eliminate all subframe movement.

The Kit Price includes 10% off all the products

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1 x Nissan S13 HSD MonoPro Coilovers - 200SX 180sx Silvia 1988-1994 models   £697.50 In Stock
1 x Driftworks slotted subframe locking collars   £43.20 In Stock
1 x Driftworks Nissan Camber Arms^S13 R32 Z32   £107.10 In Stock
1 x Driftworks Nissan Toe Rods^S13 S14 S15 R32 R33 R34 Z32   £89.10 In Stock
  • 1
  • £107.10
1 x Driftworks Nissan Traction Rods^S13 S14 S15 R32 R33 R34 Z32   £80.10 In Stock


The Handling Pack Includes these parts:

HSD MonoPro Monotube Coilovers - The specifications, quality and performance of HSD MonoPros make them one of the best coilover kits on the market. Consistently outperforming some of the very big name brands out there. Monotube 16way adjustable damping, separate spring preload and height adjustment. Spring Rates are 7kg front and 5kg rear. Because of the quality of damping, the ride quality is much better than our competitors equivalent spring rates.

Driftworks 4 Arm Alignment arm kit - Front Tension Rods, Rear Camber Arms, Toe Rods, and Traction Rods, with optional front camber arms for Skyline/300zx packages. This is one of our best selling items, with thousands of kits sold across the world, with no failures. We cannot mention company names, but we see a lot of failures from our competitors products, and urge you to consider the consequences of choosing an inferior and potentially unsafe product over own own race and time proven components.

Driftworks Slotted subframe locking collars - An easy to fit solution to the famously sloppy Nissan rear subframe setup. Just lower the bolts out of the subframe, slide these locking collars in, and re tighten. Hey presto, a solid locked rear subframe.

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