Driftworks CS2 Coilovers Nissan R32 Skyline GTST HCR32 89-94

Driftworks CS2 Coilovers Nissan R32 Skyline GTST HCR32 89-94

Part No: CS2-R32

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Driftworks CS2 Coilovers - Developed by Driftworks as the ultimate coilover suspension solution for our own cars. 

All applications have been specced and refined in-house on our own cars to meet our extremely high demands on track.

They use the most advanced MonoTube damper technology available to us with perfectly matched damper valving and spring rates. They use narrower springs, for better wheel clearance, and have helper springs (on kits that can use them) to maximise the use of the damper stroke and keep the wheels in contact with the ground.

For Track use and Drifting. Since 2005, Driftworks CS2s have been a favourite with serious enthusiasts and championship-winning teams.

Driftworks CS2 Features

  • Monotube damper design
  • Slimmer shock body for wider and more aggressive wheel fitment
  • 16-stage damping adjustment
  • Independent ride height and pre-load adjustment
  • Pillowball top mounts
  • Camber and castor adjustable (Front only)
  • Reinforced lower brackets
  • Zinc-coated for maximum corrosion protection
  • Complete range of spares

The Professionals Choice

CS2 coilovers have long been the choice for many top-level competition drivers who recognise the high levels of technology, performance and durability the kit offers. For the ultimate in performance, this is the kit for you! It also gives you huge height adjustment, so if style and 'lows' are your thing, you'll want Driftworks CS2 coilovers fitted.

Phil Morrison's S15 - BDC Champion
Martin Richard's R32 Skyline
Duane Mckeever's S13 (Low Origin)
Lennard Wander's S14
Connor Shanahan's S13 (Low Origin)

Not Just For Drifting

Good suspension setups should never surprise a driver, even if they’ve strayed from the ideal path or had to make a sudden correction, and that’s one of the many reasons why the Driftworks CS2 has such a highly regarded reputation.

However, just because they say Drift on them doesn’t mean they’re only good for drifting – they’re just at home on road and track cars too. There is a big myth that there are differences between drift, track and road coilovers. Drift coilovers tend to be rock hard because it is easier to break away with an overly hard damper and spring rate, and losing grip and traction will just make you spin when you go for a backward entry. If you want to go fast and handle well – and drift at huge angles – you need the suspension compliance that the CS2 offers.

Brad's R32 Skyline
Dan's R32 Skyline GTST Type-M
Eamonn Ryan's HCR32 Skyline

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