Outsiders Collectors Box Set DVD & Blu-Ray

Outsiders Collectors Box Set DVD & Blu-Ray


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M3 Slider

This is easily the best drifting dvd/film ive ever seen, just wished it was longer, but apart from that its the mutts nuts, worth every penny good job DW. P.S you guys need to make another one soon :-)


seriously the best drift dvd i ve ever seen anyone that even likes drifting or japanese culture must buy this!!!!


I received my dvd box set in the mail today and have watched it 3 times already and am now in the 4th time. I simply cannot stop watching it. It is a very inspirational video to me and has inspired me to get into the drifting scene more then I already am. I would recommend this video to everyone


Outsiders Movie review It's here! The eagerly awaited Japanese drift culture docu-film 'Outsiders : Japan' has landed on our doorsteps. I pre-ordered my copy of Outsiders in December and have been looking forward to viewing the contents. I don't normally get too excited about upcoming films and the like to watch but was excited about this one. After a couple of months wait my boxset arrived. I was both excited at the thought of watching it and anxious that I might have bigged it up a bit too much to myself and that it wasn't going to be as good as I hoped, that everything I'd seen about it on Facebook and the like was the sum total of the highlights. You know what I'm talking about, it's become normal with adverts for blockbuster films, they seem to contain all the action in one short 5 minute clip, and that's about it!! What's it all about I hear you ask, well I'll try to tell you without giving too much away. I prepped myself with beer and nibbles and sat down and watched the movie the other night. It runs for approximately an hour and a half with another half hour of bonus scenes that didn't make the final cut for the main feature. We see Phil, James and Daniel from Driftworks following the mustashio'd Mitto from MEINOMAI on a journey into Japan to explore the drift scene and culture first hand. Whilst out there the guys travel the country and visit some of the most renowned workshops, legendary circuits, find some night time streeto dorifto action as well as getting smashed at a karaoke bar (well it would be rude not to eh!) and much more. The trips to the various workshops was a bit of an eye opener, the Bee*R workshop was smaller than I had expected, in fact most of the workshops they visited were. There is a very very cool RC Drift track featured that makes me want to purchase a car and get into it. Knocking on 40's door isn't too old to have fun with RC cars as the film points out in a most humorous way. I won't go into too much detail about that bit, but it had me laughing! There were quite a few other parts of the film that had me laughing too, Phil was flapping a bit behind the steering wheel is one to watch out for! Mitto does a good job with his running commentary throughout which breaks up the chapters nicely adding his thoughts and insights into the Japanese culture. It was all very well put together and flowed quite nicely. The only real downside for me was there wasn't as much action as I'd been expecting, however the contents of the film actually made up for that. I really enjoyed it and will be giving it another viewing when I can get a night of TV without the missus filling my viewing with crap like Eastenders! Did it live up to my expectations? Yes, yes it did and I'm really jealous of the guys as it looks like the trip of a lifetime and something I have to do for myself, and soon!! If your into the Japanese car scene and drifting then it's well worth a watch, you don't have to be a hard core drifter to enjoy the Outsiders movie, even the missus who's not really into it but puts up with me quite enjoyed it and found it interesting, bonus! If they did another one would I buy it? Yes, yes I would If I had to give it a score out of 10 then I would give it an 8/10.

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