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Pagid E2623 Pad - RS29 Compound

Pagid E2623 Pad - RS29 Compound

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PAGID Friction Graph
Graph shows friction vs temperature. PAGID materials are very linear as far as rubbing speed and line pressure is concerned. Since the coefficient of friction is related among other things to the brake disc material we do not show friction levels in this graph. It is only considered to show the difference among the Pagid compounds.

Pagid RS Brake Pad Friction Graph

PAGID Friction Compounds
PAGID racing compounds are complex formulations with very high content of ceramic materials. All Pagid materials are asbestos free. The difference to competitor’s ‘metallic’ compounds is the superior thermal insulation and the higher heat resistance of ceramic compared to iron. Ceramic has, to the contrary of iron, very low heat conductivity. Consequently less disc (rotor) temperature goes through the pad into the caliper. We measured up to 60°C (140°F) less caliper temperatures with PAGID pads vs competitor’s pads. This is very crucial when it comes to brake fluid boiling. 

PAGID friction compounds, especially the color-coded yellow endurance materials, have a very low wear rate and 
are extremely discs friendly. This fact is proven by numerous race wins in 24 hour races world-wide.

Brake modulation and pedal feel with PAGID pads are excellent. Consequently it is not only less likely to get (tire) flat spots but also drivability is better.

PAGID Steel Backing Plate Design 
PAGID uses a unique and patented system to ensure the friction material does not delaminate from the steel backing plate. The friction material is attached to the backing plate in two ways, adhesive bonding and mechanical retention. The mechanical retention (patented) is accomplished by inserting ‘brass torpedoes’ (studs) -which are welded onto the steel backing plate – deep into the friction material. The ‘brass torpedoes’ do not harm the brake disc (rotor). 

PAGID is the only race pad that features a retention system which not only connects the steel backing plate with the under-layer (adhesive bonding) but also with the friction material itself. 

It has turned out that this system, invented in the first place only for racing, has become also the best retention system for heavy truck and bus disc brake applications.

Pagid RS Brake Pad Construction

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